In 1999 a dream began….

The story would be too long to write about each venture, but the culmination of 20 years of such varied experience across two continents, has certainly been interesting and one that I wouldn’t change.

This isn’t a launch article or a big insight, I simply wanted to share some of my journey…

I managed to find the old website and it’s amazing to see how much has changed since 99/Y2K – sometimes I miss the simplicity, but everything must advance..

  • 1999

    dreamsolve europe launched

    The launch of DreamSolve Europe - a hybrid IT & Internet business providing #itsolutions to small business, but also running several online stores backed by #cdwow and "a.nother" industry.

  • 2001

    Chikara Media launched

    A move to Australia, saw the closure of DreamSolve Europe and the launch of Chikara Media.

    A Web Development Agency backed by an outsourced development team of 75 people across Australia and the Ukraine and into a team in India.

  • 2003

    Preaching to the Perverted

    Chikara Media purchased the DVD Distribution rights to a UK produced cult-movie and released this across Australia & New Zealand

  • 2003

    As Netflix was growing steadily across the US and were not, at the time, looking to enter the Australian market, a small team decided to develop and launch the first platform.

    Others existed, but none had progressed to full online catalogue / ordering, so Chikara Media developed and launched the first automated-online dvd rental service in Australia (

    The core code was subsequently used to power several other leading providers (and competitors) in Australia, the UK and Europe.

  • 2016

    Alpha Bravo Consulting

    A move back to the UK in 2011, saw Chikara Media wind down, but still bubbling a little in the shadows - even today.

    2016 saw the original launch of Alpha Bravo Consulting and what was Mercia IT Solutions - a concept Technology Solutions Provider focused on working with customers across the old Mercia region.

    Whilst web development is no longer a core focus, a small helping hand to revamp or build a new website has been provided to a few organisations;

  • 2020

    NextWave IT Solutions

    It's been an interesting 20 year journey and foray into several businesses and industries, all from a technology, sales & marketing perspective.

    From general IT solutions, to Media & Entertainment and the Adult Industry - I can certainly say that a lot has been learned (and at times suffered).

    From those trials, tribulations, experiences, highs and lows - the new chapter is culminating all that strength and knowledge with the launch of NextWave IT Solutions

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